What is Ashiatsu?

 Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy elevates traditional bodywork to a new level. "Ashi" which means "foot" and "Atsu" which means "pressure" is a Western derivative of massage technique developed over 3,000 years ago in Eastern cultures. The long, gliding strokes combined with full body weight and the broadness of the foot improves range of motion, elongates the muscles surrounding the vertebrae, decompresses the spine, decreases chronic low back pain, all without the pain often associated with deep-tissue massage. Deep Feet Bar Therapy is the most well respected barefoot technique in the United States. It is unique for using two parallel bars suspended from the ceiling to deliver "The Deepest, Most Luxurious Massage on the Planet." Scheduel an appointment online here.. http://schedule.bodyworkbuddy.com/whatisahiatsu

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You may benefit from Ashiatsu if you are one of the following:

  • You enjoy a deep tissue massage but have difficulty finding a therapist who goes deep enough
  • You suffer from bulging disks
  • You are an athlete or bodybuilder
  • You have a thick musculature
  • You have scoliosis
  • You have chronic low back pain


Ashiatsu increases blood flow, improves lymphatic drainage, allows muscles to heal faster, and increases overall health and well-being.


The pressure of full body weight combined with the broad surface of the foot allows the the deepest massage possible without the pain.

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