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How do you pronounce "ashiatsu"?


What is Ashiatsu STL?

Ashiatsu STL is a locally owned small business run and operated by Jamie Sides, LMT.  The focus here is mostly on Ashiatsu massage, but other modalities of massage are also available.


Jamie has been working with a variety of clients for seven years with a special interest in marathon runners and triathletes.  Over the years, she has taken special training in many different forms of massage, but has decided to narrow it down to the modalities that benefit her clients the best -- Ashiatsu being at the top of the list!


Do you just offer Ashiatsu massage?

No!  You can refer to our therapy options to see a list of modalities that are offered.

Is there anything I should know or do before I come in?

Be prepared to answer questions about your health.  Know that the therapist is going to ask you what areas are bothering you and what areas you want to avoid.  Have some awareness of the physical state of your body before you come in.


Please bring in a list of any medications that you are currently taking.


In order to get the most out of your massage experience, please do not drink alcohol beforehand so that you can give proper feedback to the therapist and ensure the best possible muscle repair.  Stay hydrated with water.

Who should get Ashiatsu?

Anyone who likes a firm to deep massage:  people who have a thick musculature, people suffering from scoliosis or low back pain, athletes and bodybuilders.


What if I don't like Ashiatsu?  Can I get a regular massage?

Yes, I can customize any massage.  We can switch to regular massage at any point, or limit how much of your massage will be performed in the Ashiatsu style.

Can you actually feel with your feet?

Absolutly! The feet, like the hands, are just as capable to feel areas of tension and adhesions.

Is Ashiatsu right for everyone?

Ashiatsu is a very intense massage and can be harmful to people with certain conditions.  It is not recommended for pregnant women.  Your therapist will discuss with you in greater detail before your massage any health issues you may have and how it relates to your massage.  Please feel free to contact us by email or phone if you have any questions or concerns about your health.


What is the cancellation policy?

As a courtesy, please give cancellation notice 12 hours before your appointment time. There will be a 50% fee of the total massage cost for notice not provided in the allotted time.  


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